Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What do you get when you combine the music of 80's rock bands like Guns N' Roses and Motlely Crue, with huge hair and leather spandex?  I think the answer to this question is Hairbangers Ball. Hairbangers Ball is an 80's cover band complete with the 80's style costumes, who will give you a blast from the past show that you will never forget.  They are known for their incredible sense of energy and familiarity that they bring to every show. The band is made up of 7 members: 6 guys and 1 girl.  Tyler Steven, Scotty Van Blazin, Zeek Ziljian, Jeff Jackson, Bobby Bones, Sean Jovi, and last but certainly not least, Polly Pantz!  Most of their names are parities of real artist from the 80's as you can see.  One thing that they do at every show, is take pictures from the stage and post them on their website.  They are a band for all ages if you like this style of music, they will rock your world!  You might just find yourself in one of those photos.  This is a quote from their website:"Break out your acid washed jeans or parachute pants ... Oh, don't lie. We know you had a pair." This is not just some knock-off 80s cover band or some haggard old tribute band struggling to keep the flame of one band's legacy flickering." Hairbangers Ball has for a long time now been a regular band to frequent Carbondale.  They have quickly become not only a favorite of Carbondale but the southern Illinois area in general.  They have also been regulars at Herrin, Illinois' Herrinfesta Italiana.  Your next chance to see them in our area is Friday May 8th at Pinch Penny Pub and later in the month they will be in Herrin at the Herrinfesta Italiana on Thursday the 26th. 


  1. I've never heard of hairbangers..thanks for teaching something new
    Chastity Spencer

  2. thats cool that they post pictures of their audience on their website, makes the fans feel a little more involved i bet ill have to check them out sometime
    -nick H